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On your wedding day, you want to serve a cake that is not only beautiful but also tastes incredible. When you come to us, you can pick the colors, flavors, and design of your cake for a truly personalized dessert. Bring your ideas to us or work with our professionals to create the cake of your dreams.

For over 50 years, we've created culinary masterpieces inspired by flavors from around the world  


- Chocolate Pudding

- Lemon

- Custard

- Butter Cream

- Mocha Butter Cream

- Chocolate Butter Cream

- Chocolate Mousse

- Fudge

- Cannoli

- Marzipan

- M&M

- Oreo

- Maple Butter Cream

- Whipped Cream

- Chocolate Whipped Cream

- Tiramisu

- Fresh Strawberries

- Banana

- Peaches

- Raspberry Preserve

- Strawberry Preserve

- Apricot

- Cherries

- Black Forest

- Cream Cheese

- Brown Derby

- Pineapple

- Rum and Custard

- Ice Cream

- Peanut Butter

- Grand Marnier

- German Chocolate

Let us create your cake today


- Red Velvet

- Yellow

- Chocolate

- Carrot

- Sugar free pound cake

Flavor Menu

Celebrate the biggest day of your life


- Fondant

- Butter Cream

- Whipped Cream

- Ganache / Truffle Icing

- Marzipan Top / Cover

Specialty Wedding Cakes

- Kransekake (Norwegian wedding cake)

- Fountain cake

- Wedding pictures

Stop by 7 days a week to check out some of our work. If you don't find anything you like, bring a picture or your own ideas and we can create a custom design for your big day.

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